Monday, 13 February 2012

Weekend feature and VOTING TIME!!!

The Pinterest Challenge

Hello there! I hope that you had a lovely weekend! This weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my "Onesie Dress" post was featured on Serenity cool is that??

In other news, the Pinterest Challenge that I entered my Onesie Dress in is now open to voting. If you would like to participate in the voting click on the logo above. There are lots of great projects that people completed (I'm in good company!) check it out and be inspired to create something, also I would be thrilled if you vote for my Onesie Dress:)


  1. Congrats Jenny!! I'll head over and vote.:)

  2. I'm so bummed I missed voting! Your onesie dress was soooo cute! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up to the Mingle With Us Blog Hop. I'm following you back. Can't wait to read about more of your fun sewing projects.