Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Photo Friday Challenge - The Simple Things Blog

I'm a bit late to the game, but this year I'm going to be participating in the Photo Friday Challenge created by Carly author of The Simple Things blog.  In addition to admiring her photography, I love the way she decorates her home. 
So without further adieu, here are my photos for the last two challenges.

Week 1 - Self Portrait
I took this picture last year when I did my own "Project 365".

Week 2 - Sparkle
As the mother of three children my house is constantly covered in finger prints, playdough, paint, crayons, toothpaste, diaper cream, unknown substances and laundry.  Since having kids, I've learned to let some things go....if there are fingerprints on the windows - no big deal, if the toys weren't put back on the shelf in the playroom - I shut the door (out of sight, out of mind!!) However, I have to admit I absolutely love the way my home "sparkles" after a really good, thorough clean....even if it's only like that for half an hour before they come home from preschool!


  1. It's great to have your join us Jessie! Love both of your photos - your taps are a wonderful take on the challenge :)

  2. What a great take on the challenge Jessie...love this photo, the sparkle on the tap is perfect..hugs

  3. Jessie I love both of your photos! I'm so happy that you'll be joining us in this year of photo challenges!

  4. Ha ha! I think all mothers of young children can relate to your sentiment! Great idea! Maybe we should all take pictures of clean rooms for the times when they are not... ;) Love the photo! Actually both!