Saturday, 10 November 2012

It's finally happening - NEW FLOORS AND STAIRS!!!

Hello Everyone - Hope that you are having a fabulous weekend:) We've been super busy
preparing our house for new flooring and painted stair railings - I am thrilled!  This has been something that I've wanted to get done since we moved in EIGHT.YEARS.AGO!!!  That's how we roll around here - eight years it's taken....eight long years and I can finally say goodbye to my pink and grey carpet - WHOOOHOOO!

Earlier this week, we recruited the help of my father in-law and our dear friend to help my husband remove the carpet and baseboards in three bedrooms and stairway. It already looks so much better.... We've decided to put laminate hardwood in the bedrooms and carpet on the stairs and hallway.  

After living with bare floors and bare stairs for almost a week, a few days a occured to me that NOW (before the carpet goes in) would be the perfect time to update the oak handrails and spindles on the stairs (pretty quick aren't I!!!) So, I did a little rescheduling of contractors and asked my dad to help me prepare the stairs for painting and patch a few walls - we'll have a newly updated staircase before you know it;)

Here's a little glimpse of what we're working on, stairs will be painted this week and the carpet will be installed by Thursday.  I am thinking of painting the spindles white and hand rails black....what do you think, should I do that or do you have another suggestion for me - I'd love to know!   

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