Thursday, 5 July 2012

The LBB aka - Little Black Blazer;)

It's that time again....your monthly fashion tips from my lovely sister Christine!!  I really look forward to these posts and I hope that you are all enjoying them as much as I am:)   Take it away Sista!!
Hi again Jessie Street Designs readers, I am so happy to be here and share some tips on incorporating a black blazer into your wardobe.

Black Blazer

The black blazer is a staple in my closet- it is my go to piece of clothing for any occasion. You can easily transition this blazer from work to errands to a night out. It really is a good piece of clothing to invest in that will stand the test of time :) Plus take your time searching stores like GAP, JCrew and Banana Republic for sales. I picked one up for less than $40 at the Gap.

So you can see from the diagram above how versatile it is to work with. Picture 1 is of office wear- nice and professional but then you can see in picture 2 how you can easily work it into your weekend wardrobe to get a more casual look
Tip* if you want to make a dressy piece of clothing more casual a good tip is to pair it with destroyed denim or worn in jeans. It gives the look an overall more laid back feel :)

Now picture 3 is a more playful and fun look for a night out on the town. Plus florals (which are very feminine) would play off nicely with a more structured jacket like a blazer. I once saw a girl wear this to a baby shower with flats and tights in the winter and it was very cute and weather appropriate.

Either way a blazer is a good wardrobe staple for any closet.

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  1. Great fasion tip! I have a black blazer that I haven't worn since corporate days. I never thought to mix it up for other occasions. Now I will :)