Monday, 23 July 2012

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Hello everyone and a big WELCOME to all the new readers that have added Jessie Street Designs to your reading list!  I'm so flattered and happy to have you here:)

Today, I wanted to start by sharing with you one of my favourite Pinterest finds - An All Natural, Homemade Cleaner!  Holy cow, can I be any more EXCITING?!?!  All kidding aside, I had been looking for a great homemade/natural cleaner to use in our home and was happy to find this simple recipe that contained three ingredients that we all have in our house - Equal parts Water and Vinegar with a few drops of Lavendar Essential Oil.  Doesn't get much easier than that and it cleans really well too!  I also loved the idea of using microfibre cloths on your Swiffer - terrific idea!  Check out Nature's Nuture blog, for this cleaner and other green ideas.

The next thing that I wanted to share with you is a new beauty find that I have been trying out.  Tinted Moisturizer has been around for quite a while now, but I had never tried it before until recently.  As much as I LOVE make-up, I don't like to wear a lot in the summer but like to have a bit of coverage to even out my skin tone.  I decided to try out the Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer and I was pleasantly surprised.  Intially when I put a little on my hands I thought that it was going to be too heavy and come off looking greasy, but after I applied it , it looked smooth and gave me even, full coverage - I was thrilled and have been using it regularly ever since - no breakouts either (which I am occasionally prone too!)  Check out Smashbox for more information on this product and many others!

The last thing that I'm digging is Metabolism Boosting Water.  I don't know if it works, but it tastes great and with these crazy high temperatures we've been having it's super refreshing.  All you do is cut up one cucumber and one lemon and add it to a jug of water with 10-12 mint leaves and you've got yoursef a delicious drink of water!!!

Stay cool and enjoy your week!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Christmas in July at Happy Hour Projects!

Hello Everyone!  Hope that you are all having a fabulous week so far.

Today I'm so excited to be sharing with you an awesome giveaway that Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects is hosting.  It's called Christmas in July and it is a HUGE giveaway with over $600 worth of prizes - isn't that awesome!!!  I thought that this was such a cool idea that I also jumped on the bandwagon and donated one free item from Jessie Street Designs as a prize.  If you haven't entered yet, head on over to Happy Hour Projects and get yourself in the draw - it's super easy and tons of ways to participate.


Also, the Ready, Set, READ link party for July is almost done....if you haven't linked up your book review for July for a chance to win the draw that Seven Alive and I are hosting, there's still time left. 


Thursday, 5 July 2012

The LBB aka - Little Black Blazer;)

It's that time again....your monthly fashion tips from my lovely sister Christine!!  I really look forward to these posts and I hope that you are all enjoying them as much as I am:)   Take it away Sista!!
Hi again Jessie Street Designs readers, I am so happy to be here and share some tips on incorporating a black blazer into your wardobe.

Black Blazer

The black blazer is a staple in my closet- it is my go to piece of clothing for any occasion. You can easily transition this blazer from work to errands to a night out. It really is a good piece of clothing to invest in that will stand the test of time :) Plus take your time searching stores like GAP, JCrew and Banana Republic for sales. I picked one up for less than $40 at the Gap.

So you can see from the diagram above how versatile it is to work with. Picture 1 is of office wear- nice and professional but then you can see in picture 2 how you can easily work it into your weekend wardrobe to get a more casual look
Tip* if you want to make a dressy piece of clothing more casual a good tip is to pair it with destroyed denim or worn in jeans. It gives the look an overall more laid back feel :)

Now picture 3 is a more playful and fun look for a night out on the town. Plus florals (which are very feminine) would play off nicely with a more structured jacket like a blazer. I once saw a girl wear this to a baby shower with flats and tights in the winter and it was very cute and weather appropriate.

Either way a blazer is a good wardrobe staple for any closet.

Monday, 2 July 2012

What I'm Reading....July!!'s July already!!  We had a terrific weekend at the cottage and I was able to spend sometime at the beach reading my book for the July edition for Ready, Set...READ!  I think that a good book and sand, sun and the water are a great combination:) 
Ready, Set.....READ is the monthly link party that my friend Kadie from Seven Alive and I host.  At the beginning of each month we share the book that we are going to may read the same book as us or one of your own.  Then, on the last Monday of the month, link up your review of the book at our link party!  Everyone who links up is automatically entered in a giveaway!!!

For this month, I'm reading Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum.  I gave this book to my sister-in-law for Christmas and now that she has finished it, it has been passed around my family and has made it's way back to me. 

Our link party for June is still open, so if you would like to participate, click here.